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It is that time of year again to set goals for next season. It may be to improve your bike split at your next triathlon, finish a 100 km ride or simply just to improve your “on-bike” fitness for spring. Euro-sports 16 week boot camp covers it all.

We have one of Canada’s only Tacx VR training centre which allows you to build custom power based cycling programs, ride in a virtual world with your friends or ride some of the iconic courses on the world cycling calendar.

Our most popular program is our 16 week boot camp which not only uses state-of-the-art Tacx 4.12 software but allows you to train on your bike in your position, better preparing you for the following season.

The program is as follows. Choose the morning or evening that best suits you and you will have that spot for the entire 16 week program. The first 75min workout consists of a warm-up, followed by a 20 minute time trial which will determine your power zones for the first 8 weeks. The zones are the cornerstone of the training program which make each workout specific to your ability and allow you to progress at your own pace. Each week sees something different. There are many structured intervals and tempo work which improve specific disciplines of cycling. The first four weeks are held at 75min with workouts designed to improve cadence, pedaling efficacy and recuperation time. The second block of 4 weeks are 90min sessions which focus on tempo and sustaining power output. Week 8 is the second 20 minute time trial, reassessing your power zones for the remaining sessions. Workouts begin at 105mins focusing on increased endurance. The final weeks are run at 105min - 120min sessions involving a combination of all type of intervals which are geared to improving your stamina and recovery as well as adjusting to pace changes that occur on everyday rides or races.

The final week is a solid 1:15hr workout with a 20 min time trial of which will determine your final progress over the 16 week program. 5 years running we have sold out all available spots and have seen an average improvement of 21 percent. (maximum 12 riders per session).

Major changes for this year include a new, much larger, location with more space and better ventilation. The Tacx VR software has been completely overhauled with better graphics and communication between units. We have added a pop up feature reminding you of the exact zone and technique you would be aiming for during each ride. We highly recommend and encourage that you get yourself a free “training peaks” account so that you can download your workouts directly to your account.

For the 2016/2017 indoor season, we are pleased to announce that we now have full change/shower access, as well as the fantastic Victory Caffe right next door. After your session, stop in for a coffee to keep you warm on your way home or a healthy recovery snack.

Sessions run from the week of November 14, 2016 to the week of March 20, 2017. The Christmas Break will be from December 19 - Jan 1st, with classes resuming on the 2nd. The week of February 13, 2017 will also be off.

*Lunch time rides. Got an hour? We’ve got a workout for you. This are self-guided but using the pop up technology or do a real life video around some of the best roads in France, Italy, Spain and the rest of the world. The price is $15 and you can ride for up to 2 hours should you like. These are available Monday through Friday.*

16 Week Schedule Session Instructor

Monday 6PM Jim Glover
Tuesday 6PM Evelyne Cardinal
Wednesday Morning 6AM Rachel Clewley
Wednesday 6PM Maja Kostic
Thursday 6PM Jill Fischer
Friday 6PM Maja Kostic
Saturday Morning 8AM Evelyne Cardinal