Ski & Wax Service

Ski camber testing

Ski testing:
Euro-Sports has a digital ski camber testing beam which enables us to accurately determine the optimum ski camber for specific skier weight, ability, and snow conditions.

Whether you are purchasing new skis from us or you need to verify the camber of your current skis our testing protocols eliminate the guess work in selecting classic or skate skis.




Level 1 hot wax – hot base scrape plus 2 layers of hyrocarbon CH wax

Level 2 hot wax – hot base scrape, 1 layer hyrocarbon CH with top layer low flouro LF wax

Hot Box – Hyrocarbon CH wax

Ski camber testing classic and skate

Mount/Remount Binding

Poles cut to length

Cleaning charge for grip wax

Minimum shop charge

Hourly rate












Stone Grinding

Gatineau Nordique Sport (GNS) provide a full XC ski stone grinding service.

Please follow the link for service details

Skis may be dropped off at Euro-Sports for service at GNS. Please call for pickup and drop-off details

Stone grind and heat box: $65

Base harden with low flouro LF4 (highly recommended) $25