Yokozuna Motoko Road Disc Brakes

Compatible with cable-actuated Road Brake Levers
Flat Mount & IS/Post Mount Standard available
Closed Hydraulic System (Mineral Oil)
Includes Reaction Compressionless brake cable set for superb response
Dual Piston pad action
Simple one knob pad adjustment
Caliper weighs only 145 grams

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Hydraulic brake performance without the complexities of full hydraulic brakes. A great option for touring cyclists who’ve gotten stuck out in the boonies with a leaky brake line. But high performance enough for CX, road race and gravel events.

By sticking with a cable system you not only keep reliability, but you don’t need a dedicated hydraulic brake lever. You can use your old Dura Ace brifters.

Premium compressionless cables, mounting hardware and 160mm stainless steel rotors included. (If your bike can’t handle our stout compressionless housing, you can run standard brake housing too)