Orbea Ordu


Ordu translates to “moment” in the Basque language. It’s the perfect name for a bike created to capture the efforts of training and distill them into the present, a single focus on having the time of your life. The time you push so deep into the tunnel you can’t recall the minutes spent on the road. When heart rate, wattage, and gear selection completely vanish from your perception and it is only you and the bike. We all know moments like this – the rarest of events when somehow you ride beyond your capabilities and do the perfect effort. Everything clicks into place and you have the time of your life.

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  • Orbea Ordu monocoque carbon OME frame and fork
  • UCI-legal
  • Custom paint options available
  • 5 sizes, from XS to XL
  • ETap and Di2 compatible
  • Base build is Shimano 105 5800. Ultegra, and Dura-Ace options available.
  • Available as a frameset – let us help you build your dream TT or tri bike!