Orbea Orca


There are plenty of great bikes that offer flexibility, a relaxed, neutral position and mellow handling. Orca is not one of them – Orca is designed for the guy who has already ridden 6000kms in February and can somehow sustain 500 watts in the middle of winter. The guy whose legs look like they are chiseled directly from the local mountains, the guy you have NEVER beaten, and is always ready to make the pace. Orca is for professionals, hardmen, hardwomen, and dedicated weirdos that never consider quitting early. Orca is for riders who spend so much time talking about watts and training that you wouldn’t dream of inviting them to your party, and they wouldn’t come anyway because it’s past their bedtime. Orca isn’t for everyone – Do you want to be fast?

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  • Orbea Orca monocoque carbon OMR frame and fork
  • Custom paint options available
  • 7 sizes, from 47 to 60cm
  • Caliper and disc brake options
  • ETap, Di2, and FSA Wireless compatible
  • Base build is Shimano 105 5800 or Campagnolo Centaur 11. Ultegra, Dura-Ace, and SRAM Red ETap options available.
  • Available as a frameset – let us help you build your dream road bike!