Factor One-S


The ONE-S takes Factor Bikes’ iconic Twin Vane split downtube mainframe as used on our premier ONE model and combines it with a pared-back Shank fork which shares the same aerodynamic lower sections as the ONE’s dual clamp OTIS fork but with a traditional, internal steerer to deliver a lighter, more compliant but still massively aerodynamic front end, together with a direct-mount dual-bolt brake interface.

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  • Available as a Chassis, Rolling Chassis, or Complete Di2 Bike
  • Three colour schemes to choose from
  • Five sizes, from 51 to 61cm
  • UCI legal
  • Includes Factor’s OTIS aero handlebar and stem combination
  • Direct mount brakes are powerful and aerodynamic
  • Compatible with up to 700x28mm tires
  • Factor’s frame laminate design and manufacturing process ensures that we put the waste into the garbage can and not into the frame; using a computer program called Fibresim, each layer is specifically cut to minimise any overlaps or extra materials where they are not required. The result: the strongest, lightest frame possible.
  • The ONE-S frame is made with three different carbon types, each selected for different performance characteristics. Standard Modulus, Medium Modulus and High Modulus Pitch Fibre. While the first two are common to the cycling industry the last – the Pitch Fibre – is far more rare because it’s difficult to work with and comes with very high cost. It is, however, the lightest and stiffest carbon available for bike frames that can be manipulated.
  • Fully sleeved cable routings ensure crisp shifting and braking performance, improve aerodynamics and aesthetics and ensure effortless practicality with hassle free cable assembly and maintenance.